Google to bring HTC-Made Nexus 9 Tablet

The HTC-Made Nexus 9 Tablet

Google is also prepared to go with its new 9-inch Nexus tablet, built by HTC. The new Nexus looks like an oversize Nexus 5, making addition of brushed-metal aluminum rim instead of the Nexus 5 soft exterior.

Choosing HTC by Google for its tablet sounds unusual though the growth in the tablet market is attracting the makers into the market therefore at this time HTC, the Taiwanese gadget-maker which was out of the tablet race for few years, is back with Google with its Android 9-inch Nexus Tablet

The new HTC-Made Nexus 9 will be there with a large, 8.9-inch display and 2048 x 1440 of screen resolution which is good but not quite up to the pixel density of the iPad mini. It also goes opposed to the Nexus 7’s widescreen dimensions by going for the 4:3 aspect ratios. The new tablet being 0.31-inches thick is also nearer to the iPad mini being just a hair thicker.

It also has the powerful Nvidia Tegra K1 chip and has 2GB of RAM. It will be available in the storage capacity of both 16 and 32GB. The camera is also kept good enough with 8-megapixel of the main camera on the back while on the front the shooter is set on 1.6-megapixel.

Google has set the October 17th as the day for its Nexus 9 along with many other devices to go for pre-order. After its release the device is expected to hit the shelves at the beginning of November. By the prices it is an high-end device, the 16GB model will be at $400 while the 32GB model will be available for $480, there is also a 32GB model with LTE built that will be set at $600.
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