Google to bring standalone VR headset

Google has planned to take the Virtual Realty technology to a new level by introducing a standalone VR headset. Unlike the Gear VR and other similar headsets, the Google version will work without smartphone or computer. As reported by Wall Street Journal, the Google standalone VR headset will be released sometime this year.

Currently the VR headsets like the Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift and Google’s own Cardboard work with smartphone or computer for most of their functions. But the Google standalone VR headset will be equipped with a built-in screen, high-powered processor and external camera with very sensors that are required for VR display.  As per the details, the powerful chip-set for the standalone VR headset will be supplied by Movidius. This is made possible after the recent deal between Google and Movidius for chip-sets into upcoming Google devices.

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Google has targeted the middle ground audience providing them the complete VR experiences without requiring any additional hardware. This will probably help Google expending the scope of its VR concept. Earlier in a statement, Google expressed the resolve of bringing the VR technology to as many people as possible. The report shows that the device is expected this year but it seems yet in early stages and would take some time to launch.

google vr

It was discussed several times over last month regarding Google’s plans about the VR world. The recent reports show Google is building its own VR division with talents it has gathered from across the industry. Also Google was reported for hiring more people to expend its hardware team.

But all these are not enough for Google as its VR head Clay Bavor says, there is much to hear later this year. Now the standalone VR headset seems to be what the Google VR head has been pointing about. Google is expected to unveil some of its next projects at the Google I/O event in May, the list may also include the standalone VR headset.

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