Google Trends 2014: Top searches of year revealed

For Several years, Google is publishing the Top Searches of the year by the end of respective year. Continuing the same pattern this Google has just released the top searches for the year 2014. You can go to Google Trends and find what were the top searches globally and country wise as well.

Google Trends Charts For Global Searches

There are no major changes in the search patterns and people are still giving preference to search ‘Fear over Hope’. But when dig into these results we find some uncertain changes as well. There is no Apple product in the top 10 list and it is the first time that no product of Apple manage to get its place in the top searches. Surprisingly the Flappy Bird App managed to get its position in the top searches and became first mobile app to get in top searches at Google.

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Google has categorized searches into 9 main categories as Searches, People, Athletes, Consumer Electronics, Global News, Google Doodles, Loss, World Cup Matches and YouTube Videos.

If we look into details, Technology wise, Alibaba lead the charts, whereas In Consumer Electronics searches, the iPhone 6 got the number one position. The two unexpected entries in consumer electronics section were Nokia X and the Xbox One. The Ice Bucket Challenge also got its place in top 5 trending searches for this year.

Google Trends Charts For Consumer Electronics Searches

There are still 15 days remaining in the year 2014 to become history and unless something real big happens these charts will not be affected as much.

What did you search this year on Google mostly? Do share with us in the comments section.

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