5 million Google VR Cardboard units have been sold till now

Google VR Cardboard is gaining popularity with growing trend of Virtual Reality. According to Google’s official blog, it has sold a whopping 5 million units since its launch. The Google Cardboard is a Do-It-Yourself VR kit that gives its users virtual reality experience at a very affordable cost.

5 m Google VR cardboard sold

The Google VR Cardboard was announced back in June 2014. As its name suggests, the Google VR project is mainly made of cardboards. Being a DIY project it is quite simple to assemble; you can set up your Cardboard yourself, no specialized techniques required.

The Google Cardboard works with the dedicated Cardboard app that you can download from Play Store to install on your Android smartphone. The easily assembled Cardboard gives you a VR experience for just about $20. It is quite impressive in price as compared to other VR headsets that are much expensive.

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With more Google VR Cardboard units the number of Cardboard app downloads is also expected equally high. Google recently claimed that its Cardboard app has been downloaded over 25 million times. This is quite high considering the number of Cardboards sold by Google. The VR kit was responded positively by its users and with high app downloads it seems impressing more users.

Google is also expanding its VR experience on its Cardboard with more VR-Specific apps. As claimed by Google, with 25 million Cardboard apps downloads there are about 1,000 VR-Specific apps available. You can download the VR specific apps and get a VR experience with the Cardboard or any other VR headset.

more than 350 hours of Youtube videos watched

Besides the Google VR Cardboard and VR specific app downloads there are some other figures too that shows its popularity. According to the details about 350,000 hours of VR videos have been watched on YouTube so far. Though the VR tech is yet emerging, the figures provided by Google are appreciating. With further developments, Google is also expected to get more involved in the VR world for better experience.

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