Google VR head Bavor says VR has a long way to go

google vrRecent rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S8 indicate that the smartphone will have a 4K screen to better support the VR viewer. This rumor might make you think that virtual reality has finally arrived, but the truth is that VR still has a long way to go.The head of Google VR division, Clay Bavor, says that “approximately zero percent of the world” have used VR technology or know about it.

Bavor says that the adoption VR is going to take a longer time than many had hoped for. The head of Google VR division says that he expects the technology to get a boost in the popularity of smartphones which will eventually introduce it to the mass market.

When it comes to advertising, virtual reality is a great platform for many products like hotels, cars, and theme parks. This is because the VR ads would enable users to experience the products. Similarly, when it comes to sports virtual reality will allow users to feel as if they are in the arena cheering for their favourite team. Creativity will also play an important role in the usefulness of VR as a tool. OnePlus unveiled its last two flagship devices, the OnePlus 2 and OnePlus 3 via VR. This year, OnePlus allowed users to buy their smartphone from a virtual shopping mall.

Last month, Google introduced its Daydream virtual reality platform to help create a standard for the VR industry . The platform will work with Android “N” and will include handsets, controllers, app developers and more. Google is also showing off a VR app called Tilt Brush which allows users to paint in a virtual space.

“We predict that as much energy and talk and hype there is around VR right now, it is going to be a slower ramp than people appreciate. Riding the wave of smartphones is how we will get mass adoption.”-Clay Bavor, head of Google VR division.

It is apparent that the public is gradually becoming enthralled by virtual reality. But it is also apparent that virtual reality has a long way ti go before it becomes a mass-market technology.

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