Google Is Working on a Quantum Chip That Lets Machines Think Like Humans

Google is working to make the machines think like humans by their super-fast “quantum” computers which use the behavior of sub-atomic particles to encode data instead of binary expressions of Zeroes and ones. Experts believe that it can turn the computers in to more powerful and fast machines.

John Martinis, a renowned researcher is recently added to the team working on the Quantum Artificial Intelligence at Google which had sped up its efforts on artificial intelligence.

Already working on the different projects of robots now Google had taking some key initiatives to create sub-atomic chips which might work faster than currently used processors. Google has partnered with US space agency NASA on quantum computing research and also acquired DeepMind AI Company in January this year.

The news of computers thinking like humans once again flamed the discussion on the ethical ground of such projects. While many scientist heads-up to make it a reality others are curious about its outcome which might be far greater than the nuclear arms. Although some immediate initiatives were taken by Google itself as it set up an ethical board to

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