Google Android VR headset coming soon?

Google is reportedly working on its own VR headset, the Android VR, to compete in the emerging Virtual Reality market. Following the growing scope of Facebook and other key names in the technology world, Google now seems ready to step into the competition. Google was recently reported to have teamed up its longtime experts with talents from around the company into its new VR division. Besides Google, recent reports also show Apple is also considering its options in the Virtual Reality world.

Facebook is currently ruling the VR market after acquiring the Oculus VR, the leading name in the market. Google however seems determined to record a substantial presence against Facebook with its impressive plans regarding the VR tech. According to Financial Times report Google’s Android VR will be something more than just a Gear VR-like headset.

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Google’s recent moves in the VR world are apparently targeted against the growing control of Facebook owned Oculus. Currently unlike the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive Pre, Samsung Gear VR and other popular VR headsets, Google is relying on its Cardboard VR viewer. The cardboard uses the already powerful Android and iOS devices and Google Cardboard app for VR experience.

Android VR

The Android VR headset is reported to be something more than a usual VR headset, suggesting Google’s forward plans in the VR market. According to the details the headset will be made of plastic material with better sensors and lenses. The Android VR will be compatible with a wider range of Android smartphones.

Currently the Cardboard is reportedly doing well, but its VR experience is quite limited as compared to the sophisticated VR headsets. By adding system-level integration on Android VR, Google is expected to improve its position among VR headset makers. Google is going to host the I/O event in May where we may catch up something official about the Android VR.

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