Google’s anonymous product on FCC listing is Google Glass 2 ?

The news of the morning reported about a Google’s anonymous product because there are no details about the product on the listing of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), due to Google’s anonymous product on FCC listing there are speculations of the people about this product of the Google, among number of speculation, one of them says that this unidentified product of the Google can be the Google Glass-2, because Google has launched its Google Glass with a huge publicity but the product did not fulfill the requirements of the users and the expectations of the company itself were on the waiting list.

The FCC listing has given the Google’s product the listed ID; FCC ID: A4R-GG1. According to this FCC ID the product is given title GG1, and at the launching period of the Google Glass an ID like this had given to the Google product by the FFC, due to similar type of ID people are guessing that this product if Google might be the Google Glass-2. But this product uses better power optimization that the previous model, and it also uses USB 3.0 which is higher power output and is replacing USB 2.0. Its power output is 0.0147 which is also greater than the power output of the 0.0015.

The further data gives speculation that a deep testing sheet of this unclear product states that the human body is mounted to this product along with the radio frequency. According to these words of the product’s testing we can guess that this product cannot be a Chromecast.

The Google glass is not used by common people, now-a-days it is being used by the Airports authorities in Europe for the security and passenger assistance and it is also used by the Dubai Police as Judge Dredd.
But Google will change its policy of products in which soft corner will be there for common people also by which everyone would be able to use products of Google globally. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.