Google’s Chrome OS to get Android Support

According to a recent discovery in Chrome OS source code, Google‘s notebook operation system is about to get official access to Android applications.

Chrome OS


Recently,  a Reddit user discovered a new and intriguing check box in the settings menu of Google Chromebooks. This check box was only discovered in notebooks running v51 of Chrome OS. Further research showed indications that the Google Chrome OS users will soon be able to access more than a million Android apps from Google Play Store. This is a clear and obvious sign that the operating system is expected to get support for Android applications very soon.

For now, the Google Chrome OS v51 is only available as Developers preview. Users that have successfully activated the checkbox in the settings menu, say that the operating system displays a tutorial on how to get Google Play Store apps, but the for now feature doesn’t actually work. Google I/O Developer Conference is scheduled for next month. It is very likely that Google will reveal this new feature of Chrome OS at the developer conference.

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Note that this isn’t the company’s first attempt to bring Android application to the Google Chrome operating system. Although, Google’s previous attempts were directed at developers, not end users.

In late 2014, Google launched a tool called “App Runtime for Chrome”. The tool allowed app developers to test drive Android apps on Chrome OS devices . Nearly a year ago, Google went a step further and launched ARC Welder. It is a tool that makes it possible for developers to test their Android apps on any device running the Google Chrome browser.

There have been unofficial reports for over a year or so, that indicate that Google is planning to merge the Google Chrome OS with Android. Although, according to Google the Chrome operating system is here to stay, but it looks like the company is taking action to bring the huge array of apps available in the Google Play Store to Chromebook users. For Chromebook users, this is a very good news, as Chrome OS hasn’t received the same kind of developer attention as its mobile-oriented sibling.

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