Apple Engineers to Quit if Forced to Work on Govt.OS

Apple employees might decide to quit their jobs if forced to write Govt.OS. Technically there is no way for Apple to do what the government has been asking’ the only possible way is to develop a unique operating system that will grant access to iPhones. This operating system is being called Govt.OS. Apple is afraid that if such an OS were to be developed, then it will become a threat to every iPhone owner’s security.


According to New York Times, Engineers at Apple are discussing quitting in case Apple loses the next court hearing. Apple’s fear of developing an OS that could unlock an iPhone is valid, if such an OS get into wrong hands, it would prove catastrophic.

At the hearing, Apple will explain why it cannot comply with the order of building Govt.OS. On the other hand, DOJ attorneys will counter them, explaining the judge why the OS needs to be developed. The government needs the code to unlock the Apple iPhone 5C of deceased terrorist Syed Farook.

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Apple Engineers are saying that if the court rules against the company, they will refuse to build the Govt.OS. Other developers who work on the iOS, are also discussing to quit altogether. Apple CEO Tim Cook sent an email to customers last month, explaining how the government’s request is completely hypocritical.

 “The same engineers who built strong encryption into the iPhone to protect our users would, ironically, be ordered to weaken those protections and make our users less safe.” – said Tim Cook.


In a letter written on February, Apple states that to develop Govt.OS, it will require a period of one month along with a team of six to ten engineers. But if the employees are unwilling to work on the OS it could take much longer to develop. Developers at Apple will have the choice of quitting if they don’t want to write the code. The court will most likely hold Apple in contempt if the engineers decide to keep their jobs but not work on the OS. It is also possible that the court would fine Apple on the daily basis until the tech giant complies.

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