GTA: Chinatown Wars drives ready for Android devices

After the successful experience on iOS now the Grand Thief Auto:Chinatown Wars is ready for Android users. After a long delay, it finally enters the Android world. Now the updated features of GTA can be experienced on the two most popular mobile software platforms with huge number of users.

The Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars was originally released in 2009 for Nintendo 3DS. It was made available for iOS in 2010 though it had made the Android and Amazon users to wait until now. But not anymore, as Rockstar Games announces, now the Android and Amazon Kindle Fire users can also play the GTA: Chinatown Wars on their smartphones.
GTA Chinatown Wars
The Android version of GTA: Chinatown Wars is updated with many new and improved features which are also made available for its iOS version. These features include the customizable touchscreen controls along with physical controller. Its touch screen controls are now highly customizable. It is also made compatible with selected Android Bluetooth and USB controllers.

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Its other updated features include better graphics, which will truly enhance your gaming experience on Androids and also the iOS. It is now enabled to run over wider screens with. This will improve its results on large screen Androids. With these updates now it can also be played on Google Nexus Player and Amazon Fire TV.
GTA_Chimatown wars
The GTA: Chinatown Wars, now contains many improved and more interesting objectives to fulfill in its missions. These make it more thrilling along with its Epic story-line and tons of side-missions. There are also addictive mini-games and many hidden collectibles.

GTA: Chinatown Wars is available for most devices at $5 which you can easily purchase from Google Play today. The GTA: Chinatown Wars is specially made for mobile devices. Similar to its PC experience which already got widespread success, it has also been very much attractive for smartphone. Now with its certain updates its amazing content and greater user of constricting DS hardware can give its user a more impressive experience of using GTA.

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