Here’s How To Reduce iPhone Screen Brightness More Than Allowed.

iPhone screen brightness

Are you an iPhone 6S owner? Do you have jailbroken the device or your device is intact? If it not jailbroken then how do you enjoy specific perks or shortcuts? Well, it is not necessary for your iPhone to be jailbroken to enjoy all the perks. There are many tricks through which you can employ shortcuts for the iPhone 6S.

There are a certain set of tricks you can perform on your iPhone 6S. Like, in order to get rid of animations users can now have the SpringBoard animations glitch for iOS jailbreak users. Similarly, you can reduce screen brightness with the standard brightness slider controls. However, this tip also requires accessibility features. This trick is really important for those who have swollen their eyes with their using the iPhones during night. In order to reduce the iPhone screen brightness, there are simple and fair steps you need to follow. These are;

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Dimming The iPhone Screen Brightness More Than Normal…..

iPhone screen brightness

  • Open Settings, go to the General and choose Accessibility.
  • Select the Zoom section, and enable the Zoom switch. A Window Zoom will overlay on the top of your screen.
  • Three-finger triple tap on the screen in order to access an additional overlay with the help of zoom controls.
  • Select Full Screen Zoom, and use the slider at the bottom of the overlay to zoom all the way, if necessary.
  • Tap Choose Filter and select Low Light.
  • Return to the main Accessibility section of the Settings app, scroll down and select Accessibility Shortcut.
  • Choose Zoom for the Accessibility shortcut to assign a three-finger-tap to the Zoom setting.
  • Triple press the Home button to switch the brightness quickly.

Check out the full video, if you want to have a practical look at this action;

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To those who don’t understand, when a zoom is set up with a low light filter it is convenient to reduce screen brightness on demand using a simple triple-press of the Home button. With the help of this trick, you can dim and reduce the iPhone screen brightness more than allowed. Till now, only jailbreak users used to enjoy such perks. However, with the help of this trick on stock iPhones and iPads can also reduce the brightness.

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