How to Buy OnePlus 2 without Invite

OnePlus 2 sets among the devices with a long customers following before its arrival. The device was much talked about and has taken the market for a long time before landing at the shelves. But still when the device is set to release for its users the invitations are limited leaving behind over 3.7 million customers in the line. For all those who want to have the device at the earliest without waiting in the queue here we list you some of the places which will surely provide what you are looking for.

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Yes, the OnePlus 2 can be bought without an invitation through selected retailers. But to enjoy the offer you need to pay higher prices than you are set to pay for the official device. The prices you would pay to retailers for OnePlus 2 ranges from $30 to $90. Though the hot device may push you to purchase it even at a higher price there are some other changes too. With varying prices the device is also sold out with varying term and conditions.

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You can go to any of the listed online store to book your OnePlus 2 without invitation. The OnePlus 2 is available in different storage options and RAM thus the stores also listed prices for the both models. with shipment services at worldwide offers the device for $359 and $459. 2.

How to buy OnePlus 2 without invites offers the OnePlus 2 along with discount packages. The prices are not bad at $399.99 and $479.99. has got 1100 device to sell out for $379.99 and $449.99 with free shipping.

The online store GearBest offers different gadgets where now you can also get the OnePlus 2 at price of $395.99 and $464.99.

How to buy OnePlus 2 at GearBest

GizChina Shop offers the OnePlus 2 with free tempered glass protector at $399.99 and $467.99.

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