How to use HTC Vive PRE VR headset

HTC Vive PRE VR headset is set for pre-order on February 29, but weeks before the pre-orders begin it tells you how to set thing sup to use the VR headset with best results. As the HTC schedule suggest, following the February 29 pre-orders the Vive PRE VR headset will reach its potential users sometimes in April.

HTC has revealed the user manual of the Vive PRE VR headset introducing various parts of the headset and telling almost everything about how to use it. Though the user manual would not be helpful at this stage until we have the headset in our hands but it tells much about how the things are going to work out.

HTC Vive PRE VR headset

In the very first direction it tells you the basics about the Vive PRE VR headset. As it suggests, here is how to ‘pull the headset down over your eyes’ the right way.  Besides this there are other minor things including the procedure to hook up USB cables to the device.

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Screenshot (32) HTC Vive PRE VR headset

The user


Manual tells about maintaining the Vive PRE VR headset and the use of controllers as well. Following the simple instructions, you can clean the headset and use the controllers. It even goes a little farther, telling you how to attach the lanyards to controllers.

In one of its most important and also interesting section, the user manual deals with how to set up your room. The Vive PRE VR headset works with its complete set up in your room which is called here as the VR Palace.

HTC Vive PRE VR headset

On the HTC Vive PRE VR headset there are two base stations that need to be kept on a distance not more than 16feet from each other. Also the base stations need to be placed on a stable location above your height. Your room, or the VR Palace should be a furniture, pet and mirror free area to avoid any distortion in your Virtual Reality experience.

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