HP announces Elite x3 running over Windows 10, supports Continuum

HP brings the Elite x3, a gigantic 5.96-inch business phone with powerful specs and Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile out of box. The HP Elite x3 supports Windows 10 Continuum feature which enables it to connect with multiple other devices and accessories for extended functions. You can best use the Continuum features with HP’s other products that are accompanied with the Elite x3 on its launch.

HP has just announced the Desk Dock which enables devices like the Elite x3 to connect with external gadgets. The Desk Dock contains display port where you can connect the Elite x3 to an external monitor to display the contents on big screen.

hp elite x3 (1)

HP Mobile Extender is another HP gadget that simply extends the functions of its Elite x3. The Mobile Extender is a 12.5-inch laptop shell with light weight which allows you to connect the Elite x3 to convert it into a fully functional Windows 10 running laptop. You will be having complete Elite x3 data available on the Mobile Extender where you con handle them the way it would be on a usual Windows laptop.

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Probably you will need other accessories while using the Elite x3 on either on external monitor or the Mobile Extender laptop shell. The HP Desk Dock allows you have a complete experience after connecting mouse and key board to Elite x3.

hp elite x3 (1)

The HP Elite is itself made to be an impressive device with a large 5.96-inch display and the latest and powerful version of Qualcomm chipset, the Snapdragon 820. But connected with other devices the Elite x3 bring the real breakthrough extending the usual functions of a large and powerful smartphone.

HP has introduced a complete computing ecosystem which brings together multiple features across different platforms. Though the Elite x3 is feature rich but on the design it seems a little disappointing.  HP seems to have focused completely on its features as a business phone instead of making it a little more impressive in terms of design.

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