HTC One A9 gets its monthly security update on time, as promised

Following some delays in updates schedule for HTC devices many speculations emerged related to newly announcements regarding updates. But this time HTC seems following the calendar as some of its devices are now getting the security updates on time. This happened after some disappointment with Android 5.0 updates for the HTC One (M8).

This was the time when the HTC One (M8) was launched the company made it firm to update the devices soon after Google’s announcement. As now we have the Android 5.0 updates available by Google the company made with a little delay. This was a diversion from track as company claimed to get update within 90 days of Google announcement.

Thus emerging out of this when it came to the unlocked version of the HTC One A9 Company announced a short time and also made it up within the span. For unlocked HTC One A9 the users were asked 15 days and following the availability of updates on the Nexus devices the HTC devices were signaled for updates.

HTC says not this time as the updates for HTC One (M8) that were to get updates within 90 days was updated with carrier version. Thus company also avoided taking responsibility of the delay as the company has nothing to do with the OCD to test updates by the carriers. Thus excepting HTC’s excuse this time for security updates the company is must to remain stick to the calendar.

And as it happens after promised 15-days the unlocked HTC One A9 started getting various updates from Google. The updates not only were restricted to the new Android version but a number of secondary updates were included too. Thus last the devices received were the latest release of the monthly security updates. HTC has also promised to get done with security patches within 15 working days. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.