HTC One M9 available at $99.99 with Sprint

HTC is seen fighting well in the lower end market but not only with the low priced device but also by lowering prices of its well accepted smartphones. This time it has lowered the prices of the HTC One M9 to a very attractive price. The offer which is actually available at the Sprint provides the One M9 on contract at $99.99. Thus if you want to have one HTC on two years contract this offer seems to be a good deal to make.

The prices on the Sprint are made limited on contract bases while those want the device without contract of on lease need to follow the usual price listings. Just have a look at the previously set prices which still remains same on mostly carriers. The HTC One M9 was initially priced at $199.99 on two years contract which are not set at just $99.99. Apart from the Sprint, the device is still selling out at $199.99 on Verizon and AT&T.

The One M9 presented by the Sprint at reduced prices is offered in colorful models where you will have gray, gold and silver options. Though the device caries price change, compared to the other US carriers but still you will get the same handset. All the nice and attractive specs and features are present on the reduced price at Sprint.

Let’s have a look on a few of these nice features and specs on the One M9. Running the OS of Android Lollipop there is a wide 5 inch screen with an impressive display result on resolution of 1080pixels. Along with these the RAM of 3GB and Snapdragon 810 chipset makes it a rocking device. You can read the full specs of HTC One M9.

The specs give it a super smooth performance with even heavy tasks. Finally we have the BoomSound effect on its speakers that makes the One M9 among the distinguished devices. There is also a plus version with slightly higher specs that give you some extra.

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