HTC to launch One M10 and One X9 in the first quarter of 2016

Recently we managed to get a look into the HTC One X9 after images leaked out of unconfirmed sources. Now the same device is reportedly becoming a reality as we have fresh reports suggesting One X9 release dates for early next year. The same unconfirmed reports show the One X9 with high ends specs to stand as company’s flagship in high-end market.

Some reports were out from a HTC ROM developers that got a good reputation following some reliable reports. Thus strengthening the track with HTC related stuff the source reported the One X9 to arrive next year. Also it reported that the One X9 will stay lower than the One A9. This shows the device carrying specs that are not up to high-end devices.

Further details reveal the One X9 with model number E56 will be on the shelves by first quarter next year. And following the arrival of the One X9 HTC may also bring another device with a little variety of specs and other details. The next device after the One X9 is expected to be the one M10 to replace the One M9. Thus if reports come true HTC seems to have a busy schedule next year.

HTC One M10 and One X9 to release in 2016 first quarter

Recent reports are mostly concerned with the One X9 thus leaving us with too little of One M10. Our quoted source also sees most of the details linked with the One X9 to be wrong or not trustworthy. For instance they don’t see QHD screen, Snapdragon 820 and 4 GB RAM. It could be anything but bellow the mentioned details.

Another leak source pointed towards details of the One X9 or the E56. These details also show it being lower than high-enders. Yet the details about the spec and the views in the images are not confirmed. However the talks about the device are heating up and we may get something concrete sooner.

HTC One M10 and One X9

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