Huawei Mate S appears with Force Touch display

Huawei doesn’t seem satisfy with its premium phablet and thus has pushed another upgrade. The Huawei Mate 7 was made with upgraded features but now it seems having another package for its customers. Thus we are set to get the Mate S by Huawei with some high end details over its predecessor.

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The device is going to bring more upgrades over the design and hardware of its lineup. Also there are details suggesting a brand new phone series that may appear in the market by Huawei. Yet we have the Mate S with upgraded details and the Mate 8 to bring some surprising features.

Huawei Mate S teases force touch feature

By heaving a brief eye over the changes on Huawei’s plans we find some cut and some ups at the same place. For instance the display of the Mate S is kept 5.7inch which is slightly reduced as compared with the 6inch of Mate 7. This reduction in display makes the phablet more portable and brings it under standard size. You can feel holding it in hand with ease and also sitting it in your pocket. The size is also good in screen to body ratio with that enhances its beauty.

With the 5.7inch display and 1080pixels resolution the Mate S also includes some high details inside. The chipset Huawei has chosen is of Kirin 935 which is fresh and powerful to left the features of the Mate S. Over the processing specs the device will carry RAM up to 3GB. Thus you will get the promised performance over the standard and stylish design and display of Mate S.

Huwaei Mate S Back Side

The same level of specs you can find on its front and back cameras. On rear end the camera is kept a high 20megaixel with specialties of Sony cameras. On front you will get 8megapixel camera for high quality selfies.

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