Huawei P9 Camera will be powered by Leica

Huawei‘s latest flagship phone, the Huawei P9, is going to be announced soon. A smartphone’s camera is one of its most important aspects, and we think that Huawei P9’s camera is going to be a good one. Huawei has just confirmed that it is collaborating with Leica to build the P9’s camera. We don’t know the details about what features Leica will add to the camera, and exactly how it will influence the P9’s camera performance. One thing is for sure, though, the smartphone is going to shoot some impressive photos and videos.

Huawei P9 Camera

The German camera company Leica, is famous for making amazing cameras. It requires little introduction and has over 150 years worth of experience in camera development. The partnership is expected to turn out a brilliant smartphone camera. Partnerships like these, between camera and smartphone manufacturers, usually lead to great results. An example of such is the Carl Zeiss – Nokia partnership, which worked out really well. The cameras on Nokia’s smartphones were amazing. Even though the company spiralled downward in the smartphone industry, its camera rarely produced bad results and was one of the best in the market.

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It is expected that the P9 will be equipped with a 12 megapixel, dual rear camera configuration. Huawei has been creating a lot of hype for P9’s camera, so people are really excited to see how it will turn out. The deputy chairman has confirmed the collaboration, but there are still no details available about Leica’s input.

“We are going to launch our P9 flagship phone very soon and this is a product that we worked with Leica to produce.” -Huawei deputy chairman Guo Ping.

In the battle for the best flagship phones, HTC is also promising “the world first, world class, front and back” cameras for the HTC 10. We are a tiny bit more excited about the Huawei P9’s camera because of Leica’s input, but we will just have to wait and see which one takes the cake in this field. Huawei’s special event is scheduled on April 16th, so we won’t have to wait long for the specifications and other interesting details. Stay tuned to get all the current updates on the latest smartphones.

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