IFA 2015: What to expect from Samsung, Sony, LG, Microsoft and others

After a year to explore the amazing technologies and gadgets in the smart world, it is time to get some new. Last year’s IFA was really great but limits are not met yet and the technology world is up to amuse us again. And this is the reason that we have been all lined up for the great event in Berlin, the IFA 2015.

Since its beginning the IFA remained one of the key ceremonial gatherings of tech enthusiasts which were never disappointed. As it has been the tradition the rumors and chit chats have took the excitement to the peak. Thus we have for this year a variety of much awaited and some surprising smartphones, smartwatches, tablets and more and more.


We are obviously going to get to the event at utmost level to cover each and every movement of your interest. Here just ahead of the event we charted up for you the most anticipated arrivals on the day. The list includes some key gadgets you will love to see and have on the day of launch. Hopefully you will get the one you are looking for here we go through.


For years Samsung has been the face of IFA and for most of its attendance it has been the key brand to focus. Thus for this year we can’t expect Samsung to let go its enthusiastic users empty handed. Though the scope of Samsung products at IFA is truly vast but we will keep our focus to its smartphones and wearables. More than any other Samsung has got more eyes set up on IFA to see its package for this season and here is what you can expect from the Korean giant.

Samsung Galaxy Gear A ready to launch on August 13

Samsung is set to unveil its new wearable the Gear S2 at IFA 2015. We had a brief view of the Gear S2 at unpack event last week but still most of things remain secret for the IFA. Apart from the features to reveal on the day we are promised to get Tizen circular display watch with navigation supported UI.

Alongside the wearable we will also see a new series of smartphones by Samsung at IFA 2015. A little out yet, the smartphone will be the Samsung Galaxy O series which is kept as a true surprise for Samsung lovers.


After Samsung comes LG with the lot of its devices specific for unveiling at the IFA. For smartphone market the LG has been reported to have two devices in pipeline. It is reputedly working on the Android Marshmallow that is expected too. Also a high premium smartphone is seen in productions. But none of these is confirmed for IFA anyways. We also have the Google event ahead which may reduce LGs smartphones appearance at IFA 2015. Also LG is expected with a wearable at IFA but these all remain behind the veil.


Not bound to IFA but we have seen the devices of Sony the Xperia Z5 and Z5 compact being discussed all over since last weeks. With a lot of leaks and rumors including alleged image of both devices made appearance in the market. Thus expectations are high for both devices to get unveiled at IFA 2015. Sony also got its users eyes from the smartwatch market. It has announced recently the SmartBand 2 which is almost ready for the event.



Though HTC is reportedly not doing well in the smartphone market these days but it simple doesn’t exclude it from the expectation list. It was recently reported with a flagship device the HTC O2 that is going to copy the hero. Also an OneM9 successor is reportedly under consideration. Also the HTC Desire 728 and Desire 828w are expected. Thus we may find HTC showing up something at IFA 2015.


After big show in the smartphone market chances are low for any new smartphone. It has just recently launched its Moto G, Moto X Style and Moto X Play. But Motorola’s wearables are not the items to miss. The second generation of Moto 360 may arrive at IFA 2015. Just keep your eyes open.



Asus remained with the few venders that lately chose to announce that they will also show off at the IFA 2015. Thus we now also have the maker to bring its version in the market at the event. From Asus we can expect a surprising smartwatch or Asus Zenwatch alongside other devices. The Asus ZenFone that made its intro in Chinese market is also included among the expected devices.


Huawei has remained among the regular players at the IFA event. And continuing the trend it has also prepared its packages for IFA 2015. As we have some details, Huawei has its devices including the Mate S ready for this year’s show. The addition in Huawei Mat is also reported to arrive as the Mate 7S or Mate 8. Yet it is not confirmed that different names are of a same device or we are to get more than one.


For BlackBerry lovers there is much uncertainty in the market these days. The Canadian smartphone maker has pushed its QWERTY slider into the market debates recently. The devices named as BlackBerry Venice is reported with curved display and Android OS running inside.  The IFA 2015 is most expected day for the BlackBerry Venice to make an appearance.

Blackberry Venice


During past few months we found a number of devices by ZTE in the smartphones market. The Chinese smartphone maker has manufactured variety of device recently to establish its name in the respective market. Though the chances are too little but it can surprise us therefore we count it among the expected brands for IFA 2015.


For Lenovo market leaks suggested that it is going to manufacture a device with dual front camera. The device was named Vibe S1 with familiar Lenovo concept and additional powers for selfies. Therefore chances are bright that we may see the high selfie phone at the IFA 2015.


Microsoft’s device has also been hot topics in the market recently. We have in the waitlist some of these including its pair of smartphones the Microsoft Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. In addition to the smartphone pair we have a tablet the Surface Pro 4, a smartwatch and a new release of Xbox One.

All of these devices are reportedly in the pipeline to be released in the same period. But still it is not confirmed whether they will arrive at IFA of latter at Microsoft’s own event. As the Redmond’s grand event is scheduled for this October we may get some devices at IFA and rest left for its own event.




While these are only expectations and rumors which we have analyzed, the IFA 2015 is only couple of days away to begin in Berlin and then we will be able to get details about the event. Keep following us and we will gather all the releases and updates for you.

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