Inbox by Google : Future of email

Google has just introduced a brand new idea of managing your emails, yes you are right, and we are talking about Inbox by Google. Despite Inbox is introduced by Google, it is not related to Gmail in anyway and it is a totally different type of inbox, ‘designed to focused what really matters’.
In this busy world, where everyone is overwhelmed with emails, notifications, text messages, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media services, Inbox is next step in the area of emails and a real bold step by Google.
Google has designed its Inbox App by learning from the experience of Gmail, In their own words :

Built on everything we learned from Gmail, Inbox is a fresh start that goes beyond email to help you get back to what matters.

Bundles : Keep You organized Automatically

You will be used to with the Category option of Gmail, where Primary, Social and Promotions Categories are for everyone, managing your emails for yourself makes your life really easy and in Inbox, Google has called it Bundles previously known as categories. So Your ‘Bundles’ can include promo, purchases, travel, and what else you want to bundle.
Meet Your New Inbox

Highlights : Important Info at Your fingers

Google Inbox’s other cool feature is ‘Highlights’ that is it highlights important information for you without letting you reading emails. Highlights can be anything like your order, flight details, family photos, documents etc. More importantly Google will show you real time information as well if you are interested like current status of the flight or the weather updates. Highlight works with Bundles option to show you the information you want.
Inbox by Google -- Reminder Feature

Reminders : Add reminders, To Dos and use snooze options

Another very cool feature of Google Inbox is adding reminders and To Do’s for your important daily tasks and get alerts when required to make it 100% sure that the job you had to do is done at time. Not only you can add reminders and To Do’s you also can use snooze option to get alert when required.
Snooze option in inbox by google

How to Get Invitation of Google Inbox App

You can not download Inbox app from Google Play or App Store instead you need to send email at to get invitation for this wonder app. Once you get invitation and start using the Inbox app you can send invitation to other 3 friends as well.
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