Injured iPhone? Here’s how to repair iPhone

If you own an iPhone then it must be the eye-candy or the apple of your eye. And if something happens to it, God knows, you can move mountains to have it back. Well, when on the one hand iPhone is considered as the most reliable Smartphone of the world, on the other hand if it faces any injury you won’t get many chances to have it back in a proper one piece.

However, most of the time your iPhone has not injured a lot and you still waste fortune on repairing it back. There are many DIYs through which you can fix your iPhone all by yourself. Similarly, if something serious happens take your device directly to the concerned Apple Store or retailer not an amateur.

Here we have discussed some possible reasons through which you can fix your iPhone by yourself or by contacting concerned Apple department. Also, we have mentioned the possible problems that can happen with your iPhone. Give it a read;

How To Repair Your iPhone?

Repairing iPhone is not all that hard and macho. If done through a proper channel or a proper way you can get the normal iPhone back in a small amount of time.


Injured iPhone? Here's how to repair it

Mishaps, accidents and misfortunes occur. And some such incidents can leave you without a proper iPhone. Well, don’t get worried or there is no time to cry over the split milk and take the most suitable action possible. First of all, gauge the extent of the repair. If your iPhone is in a serious condition than opt for the repair through Apple. Here’s how you can get your iPhone fixed through Cupertino king;

  • Make an appointment at the nearest Apple Store or in any authorized service locations regarding the seriousness of the issue. It is most probable that your iPhone would be fixed by certified experts within your appointment period. But, if you have done something very serious with the screen and internal problems have also occurred than your device would be sent to an Apple Repair Center. In such cases, your iPhone would be tit tat in 3-5 days.
  • If you are too busy to search the authorized locations by yourself or to take your iPhone personally for an appointment there is another way too. Simply send in your device for repair. You can request the service online or can call Apple Support which will send a concerned box for your iPhone right away. Now you will have to ship the box, obviously with your iPhone, to the nearest Apple Repair Center. Your iPhone would be back to you in 3-5 days.
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Apple will repair your screen, battery and other damages within no time, efficiently. If your device is under warranty than it definitely will cost you less. You can read all the pricing and other repair details through Apple here.


If you know a little about technology and such repairs and you love your iPhone a lot, then you can take this step. Repairing iPhone is not a cup of tea but it is not a bed of roses too. A little technique and open-mindedness can solve your issue. Let’s take a look at some common problems with iPhone and how to solve them;

Display or Screen Repair:

Injured iPhone? Here's how to repair it

In order to replace your display or broken screen, you need to disassemble the faulted display along with the new one and then reassemble it back. The process is not so excruciating but requires efficiency on your part. The standard procedure for iPhone screen repair is as follows;

  • Power off your phone
  • Remove the two 3.3 mm or 1.2mm (in some cases) Pentalobe screws around the Lightning connector
  • Lift the front panel with the help of an iSclack or a suction cup
  • Press the cup above the home button, onto the screen. Make sure that the cup is secured to form a tight seal.
  • Pull the suction cup slightly up to disassemble the front panel from a back case. After a small gap occurs, insert the flat side of spudger just above the headphone jack. Pry up spudger and keep doing it while you are pulling the suction cup, up.
  • Now, with the help of spudger slice through the adhesives on both sides of your device.
  • After you have broken adhesive with the help of a suction cup, open the display. Caution: The display should not be opened more than 90 degrees.
  • Rest your display with something solid so it does not fell open.
  • Now, remove One 3.0 mm Phillips #00 screw and One 2.3 mm Phillips #00 screw from the battery connector area.
  • Now remove the metal battery connector entirely from the device under question. Again with the help of Spudger’s flat side disconnect the battery connector. Push it to the side; so that it does not disturb you while the remaining procedure.
  • Now, hold the front panel at 90 degree and remove Three 1.3 mm Phillips #00 screws, One 1.6 mm Phillips #00 screw and One 3.0 mm Phillips #00 screw. Remove the screws as mentioned; a little inattention given to the detail can cause you, your whole iPhone.
  • Remove the front panel from the logic board. Only open the cable connectors. DO NOT DISTURB ANY OTHER THING FROM THE LOGIC BOARD.
  • Finally, with the help of spudger’s flat end once again, disconnect the display data cable connector entirely. Also disconnect the digitizer cable connector. The whole display assembled will come to your hands now.
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Injured iPhone? Here's how to repair it

Simply choose the new display or screen ordered from Apple or any other third-party dealer and assemble the device by following the steps inversely. Congratulations, you have your iPhone screen back!

Removal Of Battery

Injured iPhone? Here's how to repair it

If your iPhone’s battery is irritating or causing problems for you and you want to replace it than the procedure is nearly same as the one mentioned above. For your own convenience, we have again mentioned the step by step procedure below;

  • Shut down you iPhone. There are two 3.6 mm or 1.4 mm Phillips screws adjacent to the Dock connector, remove them.
  • Now, push the back panel of the device towards the top curve of the phone. The panel will move about 2mm. Lift the rear panel a bit far away from your phone.
  • Remove the screw, which is securing your battery connector to the logic board.
  • Carefully open the battery connector from the ends near the top and the bottom most edges of your handset.
  • Remove the contact clip of your iPhone.
  • With the help of a clear, sturdy plastic tab lift the battery out of your iPhone. Some batteries of the iPhone device have been so much wrenched in glue that they do not lift in this way. For such conditions, use the iPod opening tool. Remove the battery out of the iPhone.
  • Before reconnecting the same or new battery to your iPhone, make sure that the pressure contact areas are positioned correctly to the battery connector.
  • Also keep in your mind that before reassembling all the parts of the device you clean the metal-to-metal contact points very carefully. A little dust or oil from your finger can cause serious issues inside your iPhone.
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Injured iPhone? Here's how to repair it

These two problems are the most common and most serious problems faced by the iPhone owners, nowadays. There are lot more problems, which can be solved through the same above mentioned method like the removal or dock connector and lightening connector etc. Keep in your mind that you should only follow these procedures when you know about the internals of the iPhone enough to take this risk. Also, if there is even a slight chance that you are going to cause problem for your iPhone than contact the nearest Apple Store through the procedure mentioned above. Beware that you are here to fix your iPhone and not to murder it. In case, you have killed your iPhone already than pray for the deceased and jump into the comment section to tell us about your repairing experience. Otherwise, follow the above process and don’t forget to thank us. We will be humbled! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.