iPhone jailbreak: Your must have IOS 8.4 tweaks

There are many reasons you should have a jailbroken iPhone and if you are already having one than you should not miss the key jailbreak tweaks. Yes, there are certain apps which are must have for having a perfect jailbroken iPhone. Right now there are many such listings where you can find the useful tweaks to use on your Apple iPhone.

As now we have the jailbreak tool for iOS 8.4 you may like to have a listing of tweaks which you can have on your Jailbroken iOS 8.4. The list includes apps which are liked most with their usefulness therefore go through and pick the bests for your jailbroken iPhone.


The Polus adds up a very powerful tool into your iPhone with very flexible customization options. You can completely customize your control center. You can add custom buttons and icons to your shortcuts along with many other options which you may want to explore according to your choice.

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Your iPhone will probably be a safe for your many useful files therefore don’t worry for finding a lost file on your device if it is jailbroken. The easily installing iFile will assist you in the job with extreme efficiency.

Asphaelia 2

Sometimes lock on just your device don’t help out and you need to look after for each app separately. The Asphaelia 2 is made for the very same purpose. With an interesting animation the tweak allows you to set lock thru Touch ID or passcode for each individual app.

VirtualHome 8

The VirtualHome 8 will let you get back to your home screen without touching home button of your iPhone. It may consume more battery but it is very fast and eases your tasks. It will change the way you operate your iPhone and you will find the feel of a truly jailbroken iPhone.

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Android Solid

The outlook of your iPhones signal bar can look better than usual. You can do this with the Android Solid Tweak which offers various themes to color your network signal bar and give you a more solid view of your iOS.

3G Unrestrictor 5

When it comes to downloading apps there should really not be any restriction. But Apple keeps the restriction on its iPhone which you can alter by using this tweak. You can download apps that are larger in size than 100MB on your cellular.

Safari Downloader+

It doesn’t need to explain why you need a downloader on your Safari. But the Safari Downloader+ is something more. It makes downloading comprehensive without any interception. You can download files apps and much more in an impressive way on you Safari.

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Enjoy the video about the iPhone jailbreak tweaks and twists and decide yourself what suites best for you.

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