Apple iOS 8 reports Wi-Fi and battery issue

In the first week of its launch, Apple’s new Operating System the iOS8 begin to irk its users with many glitches in its operations including slow Wi-Fi and unusual battery drainage.

A large number complaints emerged on different forums soon after the new iOS was available for upgrade.

It is also said to have many WI-Fi-related problems mainly performance issues and connectivity failures. The issues are witnessed on iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina display, and iPhone 5S after upgrading to Apple latest mobile operating system.

Along with the WiFi issues mostly users are experiencing an excessive battery drainage. its said to drain from 100 to zero within four hours with minimal usage.

Though Battery drain is a frequently-reported issue following each new version of iOS, still there area some easy steps to preserve battery life. The iOS 8, also have the better feature of saving battery life, it can be find out that which specific apps are hogging the battery.

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Users also seems disappointed with the sheer performance which after upgrading proves to get slower.

Apple has been experiencing technical issues along with its each new OS upgrade. One of the most suggested solution for such common issue is to reset the settings back to their default values to see if the problem clears up.If the first step don’t work out than it should follow by resetting entire device back to factory settings.

As far Apples traditions it don’t shows laziness in investigating the issue and sorting out a fix if necessary. The current issues are also reported on whispered level and Apple might be stepping in if the situation persists.

With these prominent issues, iOS 8 users are running into plenty of other bugs and issues. Appleā€™s planed upcoming update in iOS 8 in the near future, this may also be used to fix some of the bugs that users are experiencing now.

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