iOS 9 has issues with sound in various apps

As we have experienced with every new version upgrades of OSs, nothing go smoothly. Either it is Android or iOS some issues have been reported as soon as customers get their hand on them. It is however practical and with later updates mostly they are fixed. As we have seen last year’s iOS 8 with connectivity issue which was addressed later. Similar was seen with Android Lollipop facing battery and storage issues. Now it is time for iOS 9 where we have new issues with new upgrades.

First experience with new iOS 9 is reported stable with no major flaw. Many of its key features are reported working nicely. But some issues are faced by its many users with certain apps and games. This appeared while testing apps from Apple App store. According to reports by users after upgrades some troubles appeared with several of its apps and games.

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The details suggest that many apps and games particularly stop playing music after upgrading to iOS 9. This happened with games such as ‘The Wolf Among Us’ which was installed on older iOS and tested with new one. The game was reported with no music following missing dialog lines. This is quite unexpected by for new iOS users and let them unable to run apps and gems with full features.

Apple reportedly has admitted the issue with efforts promised for a solution. Thus we may receive an updated version of new iOS 9 sooner. Similar issues with sound reported by iPad users. According to reports many music options are not functional and sound effects missing. Current issues were reported with iPad Air 2 which is much disappointing. Yet developers are to reply in detail about the reported issues. Users are right now left without any update. Apple may take its time while we except some more similar issues.

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