iOS 9 likely to overtake Android Lollipop with more than 50% adoption rate

The competition is obvious between Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. But both smartphone and tablet OS have their own types of users. This had kept both moving forward, growing in popularity with too little points to compare. However, with matching features in both OS now things seem getting closer.

Android from its early days has been known for its vibrant concept. There is exceptionally any development which went missed by Android users. The Google open source operating system just changed the way smartphones work. Thus Android remains up to date and keeps bringing new and useful features. And these kept its adaptation rate high. Users were seen moving more and more towards Android with its updated version.

Compared with Android OS, Apple keeps its own environment with its own concepts. But unlike past times, now Apple seems learning and absorbing things from others. Many Apple concepts kept number of iOS users in a limit. But unlike Apple iOS 7 we have seen the change in iOS 8. These changes were surprising at that time but they don’t remain surprising anymore. There are many things to turn more uses to Apple as iOS 9 crosses the marks in adaptations.

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iOS 9 adoption rate as compared to iOS 8

According to some latest statistics Apple iOS 9 has reached about 50% of market population in just days of its launch. The report show more and more users turning to iOS 9 which was not expected following last year’s iOS 8 performance. But now it seems that iOS 9 will cross even the Android Lollipop.

The certain data showing iOS 9’s remarkable adaptation is about first few days. It is yet to be noticed that for how long the iOS 9 will keep the pace. With Android Lollipop the adaptation rate was high to 20%. Still Android lollipop is struggling while iOS 9 seems emerging and may go beyond. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.