iOS Developers VS Android Developers: Who wins the race?

iOS Developers VS Android Developers; Who wins the race?

iOS and Android have been arch-rivals since their inception. Both the OS are famous and have been in head-to-head race for popularity and recognition. Similarly, the market scope for development and sales have been a good proportion of many people’s job and career life. iOS developers and Android developers, both have their own place and value in the market. While, Android is all about developing and developing, iOS is being new and bring novel concepts.

The platform wars have been carrying on for decades. Both, developers have their own worthiness and place in market. Both have different revenues, different target audience and different ways of luring audience. That is why we are discussing here in detail regarding the distinction between developers of both the platforms. This should be kept in mind that both iOS developers and Android developers have their efficacy in worldwide markets one is a bit dominating than the other.

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Demographic Difference Between Android Developers VS iOS Developers

Android has currently got the largest sharing platform worldwide. It can be due to its pre-eminency in the lower thriving markets, globally. Hence due to this notion Android developers are more demanded and needed in the market space.

iOS Developers VS Android Developers; Who wins the race?

On the other hand, iOS is usually meant for the class-adjusted market means higher class and the areas which are developed and have more resources. Regardless, iOS developers have been making their own place since inception. The scope and worthiness of such developers is low in underdog countries but that does not make much of difference when the regard of them is noticed worldwide.

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Adoption Rate And Indirect Affect on Developers’ Popularity

It is a common knowledge that we tend to invest on those people who can easily generate that revenue back on us. Android Developers, while, are paid mostly for developing free apps and games iOS apps are mostly financially hungry.



Most of the iOS apps require purchases. This means that the developer developing the app is not only prone to get the designing fees but also some share of the apps success rate in market. The more the app gains, the more hit it becomes. iOS developers are more satisfied with their employment status because they are known and appreciated by many. On the other side, Android developers are respected and applauded by many but; unfortunately, due to the less polishing of the app they are left a little behind from the iOS developers.

Apps Fame Is Directly Proportional To Developers’ Demand

This idea stems from the conception you perused above. When more money is invested to make the app famous and eye-catching, the developers feel comfortable to generate their ideas and plans into a digital copy.

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Android Developers are no joke. They are the most accepted and looked upon developers worldwide. But, iOS developers are more creative and they tend to make more active apps with more engagement options that make them more popular globally.

Release Cycles Between Android And iOS

This is yet another significant factor in generating revenue and positioning the class of the developers. Android is an open source but it is locked down by OEMs and carriers. The reason is that the adoption rate of this platform is much behind kiOS. Mere 10% of the audience is following one OS version on Android, while that on iOS is 80%.



This means that the iOS developers are up-to-date. Hey can easily focus on a new app which is built against new APIs, thus used by many. No matter how old the device is, the iOS app can be run easily. The developers have the smoothest opportunity here, thus they get more exposure. While, as mentioned above, OS adoption rate in Android is not somewhat mandatory which restricts the app to some selected areas which in result makes the developer to lose his fame.

App Development Cost Between Both Giants

A freelance app developer has to keep many things in mind before opting for one platform. The cost needed to develop an app is quite measurable. The amount of time an app takes to build effects the cost too.

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Android developers have to spend more times to built app and that means the cost would be greater too. The great cost for Android is not good as the developers cannot get what they have invested. iOS apps need 2-3 times lesser time to develop and the cost generation power is great. That is why iOS developers get more recognition in market than the Android ones’.


Just about a year ago Android was the major leading platform in terms of providing developers with more salary and generating more revenue. Only in a span of a year iOS took this place. No matter who is leading, developers have their own fore-front in market. It takes a genius to design an app which is a past-time task of thousands and million. Both the platforms need developers from worldwide with innovative capabilities. Similar, both iOS developers and Android developers are appreciated for their uniqueness worldwide. But fortunate for Apple and unfortunate for Android the market is more demanding of iOS developers. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.