iOS devices leave behind Windows PC in sales for the first time

By the exposure of fiscal year report of Apple, Smartphone Industry received a high voltage news which shocked all of them, as they see that in mid 2015 the sales of iOS devices is equal to the sale of Windows PCs, which shows that iOS devices are replacing Windows PCs very quickly.

Apple states that it has done business of 47 million of iPhone units and 10.9 million of iPad units only in the beginning four months of 2015, in this revenue the business of iPod Touch is not added, despite that it has done a business of 57.9 million of iOS Apple devices.

By the study of graph you can easily understand that how Apple has struggled in order to gain this stage, in June 2008 Apple does not have any remarkable revenue, but after 8 year stone breaking hard struggle Apple’s revenue became equal to Windows PCs’ in June 2015.

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iOS devices leave behind Windows PC in sales for the first time

Graph shows annual growing revenue of Apple, which is in continous growth in each year, making strong revenue for Apple, the combined annual result of 8 years gave a new and successful standard to iOS devices.

Windows PCs has done business of 1.5 billion till June 2015; surprisingly this record has already been broken by Android in March 2012. iOS devices will definitely cross this target of Windows PCs.

There is a business of $49 billion along with $10.7 billion profit by Q3 2015, it has a strong revenue for Apple.
Smartphone Industry has revolutionized the technical world by introducing iOS and Android operating systems, these operating systems have provided a new life to devices which are considered strong alternate of Windows PCs.

Devices with iOS and Android are really providing lots of services in their small size as compared to Windows PCs which shows its substitution to iOS and Android at a large scale.

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Elasticity in the mode of business brought Apple at screen with a strong position because it is necessary to be changed according to the demands and needs of time.

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