Apple iPad Air 3 will feature 4 speakers and missing camera flash of iPad Pro

After upgrading the iPad Pro and iPad Mini last year, Apple is expected to introduce the iPad Air 3 this year and most probably it will be coming March. A fresh blueprint illustration shows the design concept and the key upgraded areas of the upcoming iPad Air 3. As per the drawing, the upcoming Apple tablet will be a 9.7-inch slat with four speakers and camera flash.

The arrival of the upgraded iPad Air 3 is very much likely this year and expectations are high for some noted features. Therefore any such reports suggesting something extra like four instead of two speakers and camera flash are not impossible to believe.

At the top, the new iPad Air 3 will be upgraded from Single stereo speaker to dual stereo setup. The iPad Air 3 however will not be the first to include the new speaker setup. The iPad Pro was designed the same way and the audio experience of the iPad Pro is quite impressive. Its audio system adjust to the whichever orientation you hold the devices.

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ipad air 3

Next on the drawing is the flash with the main camera of the iPad Air 3. Apple’s 12.9-inch iPad Pro, which stands to be company’s largest iPad yet, was launched without flash. However the iPad Pro was admitted to be less ideal for camera expertise as compared to the iPad Air lineup in general. Thus we can expect the 9.7-inch iPad Air 3 to be more capable than the large 12.9-inch iPad Pro in capturing snaps.

Apple has been reported to hold its next event in March where we have some key names on the list for announcement, including the 4-inch iPhone 5se or iPhone 6c and some new Apple Watch bands. The iPad Air 3 is also expected to show off soon. But as yet it is not clear if it is going to join the list at March event or not.

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