Apple iPad Pro A9x chip teardown shows 12 GPU cores and much more

When it comes about spec details of devices, too little is expected from Apple following the cautious policy of the company. Thus following each release we are mostly set to look for info which comes out of teardowns, benchmarks or Appleā€™s partner slips. The case of iPad Pro is also the same, where Apple has shown the same cagy response while talking about the internal specs.

And here again, for the iPad Pro we got a partner slip which shows us some interesting components inside. The partner slip showed 4GB RAM in the iPad Pro which was later backed up by a teardown showing some more info about the chip inside. Following the teardown results we found an A9X chip inside the iPad Pro.

Two of our familiar sources were reported to have worked on the iPad Pro during the thanksgiving break and came up with inside images showing the iPad Pro A9x Chipset. The images show enough to judge what lies inside the iPad Pro. The teardown further translates the iPad Pro having a 16nm FinFET in the TSM made SoC. The size of chipset is measured about 147mm in size which is a little larger than the A6X, A8X and smaller than A5X.

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The larger part of the SoC carry the 12 cores of its GPU which comes as part of PowerVR 12 cluster Series 7. This makes it occupy more space on the A9X as compared with the A9 chipset which was used on previous devices. The additional powers of 12 cores GPU and the 128-bit memory bus can take up the memory bandwidth of the device to 51.2GB per second.


Some reports also show the A9X SoC lacking the L3 cache which seems to be because of high memory bandwidth. However we may have to wait for official examination by Apple about the L3 cache on the A9X. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.