iPad Pro to feature High Resolution according to iOS 9 code

After the Keyboard of the expected iPad Pro was predicted, the iOS 9 code keeps suggesting more about the supposed device. The Apple Pad has been a topic of discussion for some times and now we have a clearer view of the resolution it may adopt. Based on the same iOS 9 Code a 2732×2048 pixel resolution is suggested with a 12.9 inch screen for the iPad Pro. If details come true, the display results joined by pixel density of 263 ppi will make it a magnificent device.

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Just compare the display details with the current device and it will say at all. Against the 12 inch size, 2732×2048p resolution we have just a 9.7 inch screen with 2048×1536p resolution on the current iPad. As the iPad pro comes to support the outstanding features of the iOS 9 the enlarged and improved display will make it a perfect device for the new Apple iOS.

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On the newest Apple OS, the iOS 9 we have the features like the Split Screen and Slide over. Both newly introduced features are made to be best experienced on the large impressive displays which stand beyond the limits of current Apple devices. This will enable the Apple users of iPad Pro to use two screens on the same display with a length of a usual smartphone screen. Therefore, you can enjoy two separate apps on the same screen running in usual window size.

Though the new screen details are stretched beyond the limits for the fresh features with iOS 9 but current iPad app can enable you to takes most of the advantages. For instance the current iPad app gives a 2x scaling as experienced with the current iPhones. The new features and enlarged display gives more opportunities to the developers to build new apps and enhance the properties of already popular apps to take the best advantages of the features.

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