iPhone 6 Plus may bend in your pocket

It looks ridiculous but the various Apple forums are going through hot discussion over the complain that the new iPhone 6 plus, the high end large screen smartphone slightly bent when put in front pocket for a little longer time.

It has started a humorous thread on the online forums mostly people not taking its seriously but still There are photos viral in the forums indicating the bend in the new iPhone. The photos indicate slight bends in the iPhone, though they are not so big but still it’s a bend any way.

There is no doubt that the new iPone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus received an overwhelming response; users love its bigger screen and the new iOS. It also observed a great day of launch. But it is still not kept away from the rising issues and the current issues say that it can’t be kept in the front pocket for long as it was reportedly put in front pocket for more than 18 hours during long drive and some dance parties and it begin to bent slightly.

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If the news is true or just a jock still there are many reasons if it was found bent in someone’s pocket. Both of the new launched iPhone are too thin and also made up of aluminum metal, its aluminum is truly soft and bendable. With a considerable pressure a bent is not a big deal.

This issue of bending is not bound to just the current thinner iPhones but the earlier iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 were also associated with such news that it has bent bodies. Similarly the Sony Xperia also observed similar views.

If the issue became concrete than still there is the solution a hard case can prevent it or there may also be no actual damages with the bend if apple had previously thought of it.

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