iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, Which to Buy

Apple, earlier in this month, first time brooks the limits of size for its smartphones, entering into the competition of bigger screen smartphones. It launched its two new iPhone earlier in this month. Both models look cool and received a huge admiration by Apple users, who might select any of the two bigger smart phones. Here are some key compression to see what suites whom.

For iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus what matters most is the size, but what to do when you got smaller hands? Though bigger smartphones are unanimously popular and used by peoples without looking at their hands but still, iPhone 6 plus, the bigger for the bigger hands feels more comfortable while people with smaller hand can still have a pleasant experience with iPhone 6, relatively smaller.

With the size of hands, the way a user is frequent to use its smartphone also maters. iPhone 6 can still work by one hand but iPhone 6 Plus is not something to be used just by one hand. Though for those always uses their phones two-handed the iPhone 6 Plus might be perfect. With the larger screen there is a comfortable room for typing out texts and viewing videos.

Carrying more than one device seems like a fashion but not a necessity any more. Mostly people rely on one device and don’t want to carry around more than one. For those users, the iPhone 6 Plus might be perfect. iPhone 6 Plus also becomes more appealing for those who just want to use there smartphone as their primary device, working as mobile phone, tablet and also a Laptop alternative.

It also maters that where do you like to keep your smart phone, in a pocket or purse and what size of pocket or purse do you have. That’s because the actual act of carrying around a larger phone can be more complex than one might think.

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