Make your iPhone 6 Plus Pocket friendly.

Now you can make your iPhone 6 plus pocket friendly by buying it with dutch telco KPN. The dutch telco. has come with interesting idea of increasing your pocket size for your bigger iPhone 6 Plus.

It has been more than 20 days, since the iPhone 6 Plus was launched but it is still in the top news. First we got the news of record beaking sale of the new iPhones then the bendgate surfaced and later iOS 8 added fuel into this.
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But despite all this the new iPhones are high in demand and it has already been forcasted that in the next fiscal year, iPhone 6 will reach the target of almost 200 Million.
For the first time Apple introduced big screen iPhones with the slogan of bigger than bigger, and many iPhone lovers had a concern over it that it will not set in the pocket. But why bother? The dutch telco has started providing solution for it. To use iPhone 6 Plus, get your pocket size larger and make your iPhone 6 plus pocket firendly.
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