iPhone 6 rumors: All the latest features and release date

Apple remains in news always for its upcoming products and this time it is iPhone 6 rumors.

The long enthusiasm of the Apple addicts fueling the rumors as the day of its expected launch comes closer. September 9 was confirmed as the upcoming Apple event where along with iPhone 6, its iOS 8 the iWatch is also expected to be launched.

Apple preserved it tradition and once again the month of September became the month of joy for its lovers. The event on September 9 is confirmed at the historical Flint Center for the Performing Arts in the Apple headquarters where the original Macintosh computer and iPhone 5 were launched.

The true picture about the iPhone 6 will probably come on the day of its launch but the rumors are already shaping and reshaping the expectations about its shape size and the feature. Striking the experiences of last year the same is expected this year with two iPhones with different sizes one being 4.7-inch and the other 5.5-inche both much larger than the slandered 4-inch iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy S5 with strong body and sensors and the HTC one M8 are going to be the key competitor for the new iPhone 6. The missing features of widgets and NFC are expected in the new iPhone which will help the iPhone to turn the tables and catch the smartphone market as the leading player.

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