iPhone 6 doesn’t support high-res audio

Apple’s new iPhone face another issue this time it comes in its weakness in Audio. though there were much rumors that it has building so-called high-res, or better than CD quality audio tracks catalog for iTunes, working it out with the music labels, but it was proved wrong, the features of new iPhone don’t include high-res audio support.

An audio testing expert had been empirically proven it by playing its sampling quality tones in .wav format through the iPhone 6’s headphone jack. The adios was then detecting them with a high-res audio recorder, running at the required 96kHz sampling rate, 24 bits per sample. The recorded files were then matched with the original file and put through the Adobe Audition editing software. it was than proved that the new iPhones don’t support the 24-bit resolution. Apple’s new tailor-made Cirrus Logic audio processor supports high-res audio but still it has not been incorporated, it seems being a deliberate restriction by Apple.

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Hig-res seem to be a field of specialty as it is still restricted to a few phones in the market. LG, Samsung and Sony have been among the few. Among the new flagships, the LG G2 started with the ability to play lossless 24-bit/192kHz audio files, then Note 3 continue to go farther with this feature. The new Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact even sport Sony’s Digital Sound Enhancing Engine (DSEE), to increase the quality of mediocre quality tracks to higher-res.

Still there is no reason for disappointment as there are hig-res senses of audio, the customers who want HD audio sooner will have to look at Lightning-equipped audio devices such as the recently announced Fidelio M2L headphones from Philips. That will connect to an iPhone or iPad via the Lightning port and will support 24-bit audio using an internal DAC and amplifier built into the headphone unit.

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