iPhone 6c appears in a Video; looks copy of iPhone 6S

Apple has an event on its calendar for March where a number of new products are expected including at least one of the expected iPhones which is being named as iPhone 6c or iPhone 5e. There have been several reports about the upcoming iPhone showing it with different names and different features. Among these the iPhone 6c with 4inch display seems to be most likely.

iPhone 6c video appears resemle to iPhone 6s

Following the March event, the 4inch iPhone 6c is expected to be released by April. Though March is not so far, but a fresh video shows it even closer. The video shows an iPhone concept device which looks just like an iPhone 6s but apparently in smaller size. And the video makers claim the device being none other than the iPhone 6c with 4inch display.

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The video claims that the device is the unreleased iPhone 6c right from the Foxconn factory which is probably the only place right now to find the new iPhone 6c or iPhone 5e. As it is showed up in the video the upcoming iPhone is smaller in size but its internal specs are reported to remains up to dated. It is expected to carry Apple’s A9 chipset with NFC support for Apple Pay.

Though looks of the alleged iPhone 6c are clear in the video but the video doesn’t give any hint to validate the device and the video itself. Therefore, there is almost no way to confirm it. However, like other rumors about the upcoming iPhone we can consider this video too.

Expected iPhone 6c renders

As displayed in the video the overall design matches the current iPhone 6s with things scaling to the size of older iPhone. The speaker holes are found similar to 4.7inch iPhone which raise doubt about the reported 4inch size of the device. The video also shows the single device without any comparison. A comparative analysis could only prove its relative size and changes in other areas. With nothing official the upcoming iPhone is getting closer and again it may remain a surprising device upon its arrival.

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Via: 9to5Mac

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