iPhone 6s 16GB with updated NFC

Next generation of iPhones have almost cleared there ways as Apple continues to leek details of its iPhone 6s. Following the many details out we are now almost confirmed with the name of iPhone 6s as the upcoming Cupartino smartphone. And here we have fresh details that suggest the same 16GB model of iPhone 6s featuring updated NFC for better use of Apple Pay.

Earlier we have collected the details about the upcoming iPhone 6s that the device will features Qualcomm’s Chip inside. The Qualcomm chip with an upgraded build is a notable addition as it brings faster LTE connectivity along with power efficiency on you iPhone. And now details push a little more, the device with another upgrade over the connectivity. As the next generation iPhones will specially be specific with Apple pay the upgraded NFC will prove to be a good move.

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Fresh leaks show the upcoming iPhone 6s with a 16GB model as it is seen holding a Toshiba Chip with 16GB. These show that the next generation will also start with the older tradition of 16GB which may also be followed by 64GB, 128GB options with differentiated prices accordingly.

Considering the latest version of iOS with many features and the high level of specs the upcoming iPhone will bring, the storage of 16GB may sound very short. But quoted an Apple official, the upgraded cloud services on the iOS will help sharing the storage requirements of the iPhone 6S. The Cloud service is also improved to manage the storage requirements of the device as you will feel easy saving files on the iCloud.

The iOS 9 of the Apple is also optimized to run apps and features with a good care of storage. The updates on the iOS 9 are features in smaller size and also storage is maintained for each app according to need.

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