iPhone 6S 64GB costs $234 to Apple and is being sold for $749

Recalling last year’s memories, we find Apple enthusiasts busy in the familiar manner of last year. At that time they were iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus that were talked about again and again. And the story was not restricted to gossips but also there were also tear downs stretched to the cost assessment. The same treatment we see with the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus that were launched on Apple’s September event.

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We have also been reporting talks about new iPhone 6S and its large variant before and after its arrival. And now as the enthusiastic users of new iPhone 6S get deeper into their devices we have more for you. We have a tear down with the new iPhone 6S that not only explore its inside but also tells its cost.

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With the teardown the components used in the new iPhone 6S are calculated to cost Apple at $234. This is calculated for the 64GB model which sets at an average level. According to the estimates from US the cost of device components is a little more than the iPhone 6 of last year. For instance the iPhone 6 launched almost at the same period of last year cost Apple some $205. While the larger variant iPhone 6 Plus’s cost was at $222.8 which is still lower than that of iPhone 6S. It is worth mentioning that the new Apple iPhone 6S 64GB unlocked will be available for $749 which means Apple is making a profit of more than $500 on each iPhone 6S being sold! You can read complete specs and details of the iPhone 6S here.

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This assessment however shows that iPhone 6S has got some valuable components. This is something which the users of new iPhone are concerned to. It was also discussed several times that new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus are going to bring some key upgrades. Thus with new and more heavy inside specs and external features is made to carry more value and also more prices. You may like the 3D touch and aluminum alloy especially on new iPhone.

Source: BusinessInsider

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