iPhone 6S, 6S Plus buyers report problems with 3D Touch and Speakers

The release of new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus got a warm welcome by Apple enthusiasts. But it was not just the arrival of new devices that lightened up social forums but also the unwanted problems. After just spending couple of days with new devices costumers took to community pages with reports of problems in their devices. According to details the devices are facing issues with Touch ID, 3D touch, power on-off and Audio distortion.

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It happens first with some users who came up with complaints about overheating home button. According to details provided by users the Touch ID scanner starts getting hot on light use. The issue doesn’t seem big enough but still need rise concerns. Some users suggest giving rest to device can solve it for a time. You can do it by pressing sleep and home buttons for 10 sec. Read the full specs and features of iPhone 6S as well.

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Another alarming report by some users attracts more attention as concerned with power issues. The details say iPhone 6S users face random power off while having their device’s battery fully charged. However it is yet restricted to random power off and no dead report received yet. Thus you can turn it on by pressing power button and it may work well until next power off.

Some users came up with problems in sounds and speakers. According to reports some iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus users face distortion in audio. Also notifications and alert sounds give an effect of blown speakers. This is however a complicated issue which is yet to be confirmed either on software and hardware. There are also reports suggesting sound issues with apps and games which is actually an issue with iOS 9.

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There are some other reports which suggest bugs with 3D Touch that prevent links from opening on Safari. This can be handled by resetting the iPhone but still we need a better solution. You can learn more about the iPhone 6S 3D Touch feature in details.

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