iPhone 6s display assembly, renderings revealed

Earlier we had some claims about the iPhone 6S display details of the upcoming iPhone device which is probably the iPhone 6s. The claims suggested certain details about the assembly of display of the upcoming Apple device. Today we have a close look at the leaked assembly image which revealed more about the upcoming device of Apple.

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A date visible on the leaked snaps contain a label showing July 29 as pass date which suggests that the device if following the dates will be ready for Apple event scheduled for September this year. The image suggests details about the internal parts of the device. The concept of leaked images is much identical to another leaked imaged we have observed last week.

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Alongside the images there is also a design render out that suggested a little thicker iPhone 6S. The concept of thick iPhone is supported by theory that Apple is considering the thinness of its large device which was much discussed last year. Many leads suggest that upcoming iPhone 6S will be slightly thicker than the preceding devices. You can read more about the expected Apple iPhone 6S specs as well.

iPhone 6 Plus Bendgate was the first blow to Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus promos when it first launched the large screen device. This also shows that Apple is going to keep the size and with a slightly thicker body the large iPhone 6S display will be perfect. Force touch is also among the features which are expected with the upcoming iPhone. The upcoming iPhone 6s may arrive with a body with 7.1mm thickness.

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iPhone 6S Display renders


The upcoming device is also suggested with a less protruded camera which can be ascertained in the assembly image. The protruding of rear camera was actually because of the slimness of the device. If we are going to receive a thicker device the protruding will eventually not appear. However, these short and unofficial details therefore we have to wait for something solid.

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