iPhone 6S Plus Vs iPhone 6S Unboxing


Packing of a phone is considered its identity. It gives a phone its unique outside look and safety. Apple iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus come in different beautiful sealed boxes which creates an overall impression of elegance. They are boxed inside white color boxes which represent a unique brand of Apple product inside. In this article we take a brief look into the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus unboxing, followed by their comparison. The latest model of iPhone will be available worldwide soon in the second week of October.

Unboxing iPhone 6S

iPhone 6S unboxing is easy to perform as it is enclosed inside a white packaging box. The quality of packaging also affects the price of this super-high tech product. As in the market the iPhone 6S Plus is a $100 more costly than iPhone6S. It is available in three beautiful colors; silver, gold and gray. We will not compare both models in terms of speed test but will take a detailed look into various contents of the box when it is unboxed.

From looking at those boxes of iPhone 6S Plus, it is not possible to tell the version of the iOS and the amount of RAM in the phone because there is nothing mentioned on the boxes. But these white color boxes represent a feel and touch only Apple can provide. They are neatly fitted and packed inside these boxes. You can find the Apple logo and the iPhone printed on the back of the boxes, nothing else is found printed on the box.

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The first part of the unboxing is to lift the upper cover of the box after cutting the plastic seal wrapped around the iPhone box. Now you can see the beautiful iPhone bar inside ready to be lifted. When the iPhone is slightly lifted from the box, you can feel the thin soft 6.1mm bar in your hands. In comparison, the iPhone 6S Plus bar is 7.1mm thin.

Next the plastic on the back of the phone needs to be peeled off. When it is gently removed, peel off the plastic from the front of the phone similarly.

Before taking a close look into the unboxed phone product, let’s take a look at the other lovely contents of the packing box. Laying there you will find a white color tray with a small hole on the top and a hole in the middle. The top hole is called the Camera hole because it supports the placement of camera inside the box.

The next thing you cannot miss inside an iPhone box is a white color simple paper user guide and a warranty paper. It is also called a quick start guide. It has all the information regarding configuration and using of the iPhone. You will also find the large Apple stickers as well.

Inside you will find an Apple charger; it is a standard charger for the iPhone. The phone must be always charged with this charger.

The last items you will find in small plastic packs are the USB data cable and the Ear phones set.

iPhone 6S Plus unnboxing

Now let’s take a look into the unboxing of iPhone 6S Plus. The iPhone 6s Plus is enclosed in a similar white color simple box. It can be unboxed similarly by peeling off the plastic seal first and then lifting up the upper cover of the box.

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Once its done, the 7.1mm large big iPhone bar comes into your hands. It is not as heavier as the large Android phones and gives an elegant look. Similarly after peeling off the plastic on the bottom and top of the iPhone bar, you feel a cool nice product in your hands. A finished product from Apple with classy look and soft metal feel surrounds you as you uncover the bar.

The accessories are pretty much the same, the white tray with two holes at the top and center. The similar envelope enfolds the quick start guide.

The great thing about iPhone 6S Plus is that it comes with a SIM inside. You do not have to buy a separate SIM for your iPhone.

The actual screen is 5.5 inches are compared to the 4.7 inches screen of the iPhone 6S. Both iPhone 6S and 6S Plus have the Retina HD resolutions.

The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus both contain an Apple logo on the back body made of stainless steel. But if you take a look, the Apple logo on the iPhone 6S model is a polished logo.

Both the models have this 8 mega pixel camera with flash light and zooming features. There are also mute switches and volume adjustment switches on the left sides of the iPhones.

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On the top, we have the speaker built-in and a headphone jack. At the same side, we have the microphone.

The sleep / wake Power Button is on the right side of the phone which is accompanied by the SIM card slot. The power button is not lower on the iPhone 6S Plus but is slightly high. The iPhones do not come with the double or triple SIM slots. It is only possible to use on SIM card with iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.

Now on the top there is an earpiece which basically is an ear speaker for hearing the calls. It is also a bit larger on the iPhone 6S Plus than on the other older models.


Already 13 million models of these latest iPhones were sold in first three days of release. The exciting new iPhone 6S and 6S plus models are pretty much unboxed the same way and contain the similar items and accessories as you have seen in this article. It’s really a fun part, unboxing these items and exploring the similarities between them. However the onscreen functions and features differ a bit when you actually boot up the phone and start the iOS.

All in all, Apple has done a fantastic job for making these models and packing these in Apple Boxes.

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