Is iPhone 6S Plus Waterproof?

iPhone 6S Plus is a fabulous piece of technology launched by Apple in September 2015. Before its release into the market the news of iPhone 6S Plus was leaked on the internet and other media like Wildfire. It has gained a good popularity already being a new product in the market. Several features of the iPhone were revealed to the public about this model but the ‘waterproof attribute’ still needs some clarification.

Liquids have a capability of damaging electronic devices, especially their circuits. The circuits get completely damaged or partially dysfunction.

iPhone 6S Plus obviously appeared with improved features of a Smartphone. In terms of weight, dimensions, CPU and memory, it is an excellent product. But do “waterproof” feature of this phone is actually true? Is iPhone 6S Plus really a waterproof model entering in the market? In this piece of writing, we will discuss some key points to clarify this issue.

Were Previous iPhone Models Waterproof?

Previously the iPhone models iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C have dominated the market with their unique features and styles. There have been some rumors about them being waterproof but no official proof has been given by Apple. None of these models were waterproof. Any ambiguous statement about this feature is simply not trustworthy.

Now with the release of iPhones 6S and 6S Plus in October worldwide, customers will experience them both water resistant though.

Real Life User Experiences

Many people do not care when it’s time to dive in the water, swimming, scuba diving, boating or even bathing. Phones are carried along while carrying out these activities which result in water damage of the gadget as proper water protection is not provided.

The waterproof feature for iPhone 6S Plus is not proven by any means. Users around the world are simply not recommended to try their own methods of testing iPhone 6S in the water. In fact according to the survey, a number or users have made this mistake and paid the price for their ignorance. They have experienced a loss of their overall phone functionality or damaged to a large extent. Whether it’s the rain water test or simply a test in the toilet water, the damage is likely to happen. However, there is a possibility of fortunate result also.

iphone6s and iphone6s plus water test

Some iPhones still work after this experiment

The funny and the most confusing part it that despite some of the users have tried deliberately throwing their phone in the water and have succeeded in their adventure. They were surprised to see the results when their iPhone 6S Plus was still working when it was taken out of the swimming pool. A recent user on the internet shared his experience. Although he has done this on his responsibility, he is regarded very lucky not to lose his valuable possession with this dangerous experiment. But that does not mean everyone should try this. It is a rare case in most circumstances.

There is no guarantee that your iPhone will also not suffer any lose of functionality or total damage after being thrown in the deep water for long time. Nor Apple takes any blame for trying such things on their products.

Are there any models Waterproof?

That is a very challenging question? As we have already explained that Apple never claims any waterproof features in their iPhones. Definitely not for the IPhone 6S Plus. It is definitely vulnerable to water and dust. However there are some models of other companies like Samsung Galaxy S5 which do offer waterproof feature but they have no connection or similarity with any original Apple iPhone.

How iPhone 6S Plus is Water Resistant?

The waterproof feature is really out of question about iPhone 6S Plus. The phone is not proven by any means or anyone to be waterproof totally. However we can say in the light of some good user experiences and experiments that the phone is somewhat water resistant. But the level of water resistance varies also in the high and low level of water. For Example if a phone is thrown into the sea where the water pressure and quantity is tremendously high, the phone is less likely to be water resistant. But it is a possibility that if it is tested in the toilet water, it may prove itself a truly water resistant model.

Water Resistant Casings

Apple has made a brilliant effort to develop new casings for its new iPhone products. These casings vary in price and somewhat help resist the water damage to the phone. The most popular casings are Hitcase , Lifebox, Vansky, Bessmate, Jbtech, Cartrol and Optrix.

These cases are very much popular and provide good protection features from the most hazards including the accidental drop of the phone which is very common. The cases are useful and do pretty well for preventing the drop damage to the phone. Though they are not perfect yet as a case’s screen protecting feature cannot prevent inside water damage, it may only prevent damage to the screen.

Another remedy can be taken to make your phone almost water proof is to use H2NO Dry bags casing. It has done excellent job so far. The manufacturers insist that you should completely forget about getting your phone damaged by water with this casing.

How to deal with Water Damage

If you have mistakenly tested your phone in the water and have found the results shockingly opposite to your belief, then the best way to get help is a person who can repair your phone from the Apple itself. The best way to deal with this horrible situation is to consult a trained representative who can exactly guide you and provide you with suitable remedy.

However there is no guarantee that they will also accept the responsibility for this damage and give you a comprehensive solution. Therefore you have to think on your own first, do not try anything dangerous like that. The same holds true for the iPhone 6S Plus!


The above discussion clearly proves that the iPhone 6S Plus is not a waterproof model by any means. There is no Proof or official statement by the Apple about this and there is absolutely no guarantee of performing experiments on the phone and expecting safe results. Therefore a lot of people think they should wait for the iPhone 7 to emerge in the market. It may possess a feature of waterproof. Only time will tell. Ignorance to this issue can result in a loss of your possession. Be careful!

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