iPhone 6S specs, a thinner iPhone with powerful chip & bigger camera

The Apple iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus have been the thinnest and the smartest smartphones in the market. But Apple doesn’t seem pausing on this point as fresh rumors suggest that the new iPhone 6S may get even more ‘edgey’ features. Though the info is not by any official source but they are very likely. Here are some of the key areas where we may find, what the Apple focuses for its iPhone 6S.

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Improved Processor in iPhone 6S

One of the key inclusions will be the A10 processor on the upcoming iPhone 6S or the iPhone 7. In this regard another reports from a Taiwanese sources suggest that Apple will get all the chips for its upcoming iPhone 6S from a Taiwan based company. While some other reports pointed out towards the TMSC for the A9 Processors. The TMSC will provide a little supply of the A9 processors for the iPhone 6S.

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Improved Camera

Another key area sets to be the camera. The camera has also been one of the key competing areas for the earlier iPhones. There are also some rumors suggesting double camera on the rear. However the main upgrade will be the 12 megapixel sensor against the 8 megapixels of current iPhone 6. The info regarding the 12MP camera was observed first time. It is also expected to be a Sony RGBW camera.

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iPhone 6S will be thinner

And finally, the iPhone 6S will be thinner. The thin iPhone 6 plus has been a hot topic in the smartphone market. And once again for the next iPhone 6S there are rumors which suggest that it will arrive with even a thinner body. The Apple is expected to adopt a design for its upcoming iPhone 6S with a design which is 0.2mm thinner as compared to the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. The extreme slim iPhone 6S will feature a display with dimmer back-light. This will require some more powerful chip to maintain the brightness of its screen.

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