Apple iPhone 7 clone available in China

Chinese manufacturing companies are known for making clones and knockoffs of all types of products. That is where the term Chinese knock-off originated from. The Chinese capitalize a lot in clones and there is a lucrative market in china for cheap knock-offs of high-end smartphones and devices. Turns out that an Apple iPhone 7 clone is already available for sale in the markets of China.

China is famous for making clones and cheap knock-offs of branded products in all sectors. So it isn’t shocking that Chinese manufacturers made another clone of an Apple device. What is surprising is the fact that the manufacturing companies have now taken the cloning a step further by making clones of smartphones that don’t even exist yet.

As we all know that the Apple iPhone 7 is still a long way from being announced. Yet the Chinese have beaten Apple and manufactured a high-end iPhone 7 clone. The image that displays the iPhone 7 clone is posted below.

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iPhone 7 clone

The Apple iPhone 7 is not going to be featuring any major design change, and the dual-camera setup is still not confirmed. However, the iPhone 7 clone which is displayed above features a dual-camera configuration at the back. The iPhone 7 clone is in a rose gold finish. The antennas in the iPhone 7 clone have also situated closer to the top and bottom edges of the smartphone to allow for a larger screen. The iPhone 7 clone also proudly features the Apple logo at the back of the smartphone pretending to be an Apple device. There is also a sticker at the bottom-back of the smartphone that reads “Designed by Taiwan Made in China”.

Chinese companies have taken a stab at Apple numerous times. The Chinese manufacturers have created clones of the Apple iPhones and once filled and absurd infringement lawsuit against the company. The lawsuit was filed to halt iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus sales. The lawsuit claimed that the Apple iPhone 6 design has infringed on the patents of a smartphone manufactured by a company named Baili. The smartphone that was being compared to the iPhone 6 was the Baili 100C.

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The iPhone 7 clone is available for sale in different markets all over China. The clone bears a striking resemblance to the leaked images if the iPhone 7 Plus. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.