iPhone 7 Pro Rumours: Dual Camera with Smart Connector

Apple iPhone 7 Pro rumours have already started circulating the internet. Awhile back, iPhone 7 spy shot schematics were leaked ¬†from Catcher. Catcher is a manufacturer of all thing phone, chassis, and metal situated in Taiwan and manufacturers HTC’s metal unibody devices. It has also worked on test batches of premium flagships, including Samsung’s. ¬†According to some reporte, Catcher had created the Apple iPad mini chassis and The company was also included in the iPhone 6 design process. It appears as if the company might have a relationship with Apple. This has lead to speculation that the manufacturer might be working with Apple on the new iPhone 7.iphone 7 pro


Japenese Blog Mac Otakara has claimed that both Catcher schematics and the iPhone 7 Pro’s alleged leaked dual camera chassis are the real deal. Mac Otakara is popular for its iPhone-related leaks. The blog claims that the iPhone 7 will also be similar to the leaked chassis as well.

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According to the source, the three dots at the bottom is the Smart Connector setup. Smart Connecter is expected to make a cameo in the new Apple flagships. It is also present on the iPad Pro line. Another change that is visible in the photo is that the antenna strips have been modified. The back panel is also sporting a dual camera configuration in the leaked chassis.

On the other hand, Mac Otakara has shot down the rumour that the iPhone 7 flagship will be extremely thin. The blog has also claimed the rumour about stereo speakers after eschewing the standard audio jack as false.The blog does confirm that the iPhone 7 device/s will feature dual camera setup.

There is no information on which iPhone 7 device will be equipped with the dual configuration. The use of Smart Connector is also unknown for the time being. So, we will just have to wait and see what Apple has in store for us, and how the dual camera setup will turn out.


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