iPhone 7 alleged image features a touch sensitive home button

Apple latest flagship device, the Apple iPhone 7 is in the works. Rumors, alleged image leaks, rendition are surfacing on the internet with speed. An alleged image of the iPhone 7 has recently surfaced on the internet.

The low-quality image displays the iPhone 7, but one thing is new in the upcoming smartphone. The home button has been redesigned in the Apple iPhone 7. Instead of a physical home button that was featured in previous Apple smartphones, the iPhone 7 seems to sport  a touch-sensitive button in its place. The home button was used by users to get back to the home screen, or to verify a fingerprint using Touch ID.

The image displays the front panel of the smartphone and we can see that the button does not feature a circular metallic ring that was found in previous Apple handsets. The alleged image of Apple iPhone 7 is displayed below.

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iPhone 7


The new button design isn’t physical so it doesn’t actually depress. But, users will be able to press and hold it to activate Siri. Users will also be able to double tap it to see which apps are currently running on the device. There have been rumours that this could be the final Apple smartphone model with a button. Speculation suggests that the 2017 iPhone will have an edge to edge screen. The function of the home button will be replaced by a certain section of the screen which users can tap to activate the same functions that were performed by a real button.

The main advantage of eliminating the physical button is that users won’t have to worry about the damage that the physical button experiences over time. Additionally, replacing the physical home button with a touch-sensitive one could also make Touch ID faster and smoother. The front-facing camera and the proximity sensor is also located at different positions in the photograph. However, there is a great possibility that the image is not real. Moreover, the image is also of low quality so it is better to take it with  a grain of salt for now.

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