iPhone market share climbed from 8.2% to 10.9%

Apple continues to increase its influence in the respective markets of its devices. The same is witnessed in a recent estimation of smartphone market where Apple iPhone is found remarkably increasing its share. According to the estimation of the Strategy Analytics market shares of Apple has faced a sharp surge from past 8.2 percent to 10.9 percent within a year.

The estimation was made after analyzing the statistics of global shipment of iPhone in second quarter of this year. Comparing the results with global shipment of last year, the Strategy Analytics recorded an increase of 2.7 percent increase in the already strong share of Apple iPhone.

The estimation of Strategy Analytics reported that the sale of Apple iPhone has increased by 35 percent. This accounted a year on year sale of up to 47 million units of iPhone. The performance recorded by Apple is quite unprecedented against the overall growth witnessed in the smartphone market. According to estimations the global smartphone market has recorded just 2 percent growth.

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iPhone Market Share increasing

There are also other manufacturers which have also recorded an increase in the sales of devices. The shipment of Huawei devices increased by 50 percent against last year’s shipment. This accounted for 30.6 million units which have brought Huawei devices at the second spot.

The third spot was occupied by Microsoft as it has focused on the Lumia devices with several advanced movies. This also seems that the strategies employed by Microsoft recently are getting due response.

Samsung which is yet the top manufacturer in the smartphone market has recorded a drop of over 2 percent. It seems that the reduction in Samsungs profit will continue for some time. The Korean giant also reported earlier that its profit has declined by 8 percent with a considerable drop in the overall profitability of the company’s products.

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