iPhone screen protector installation program starts rolling out

After a short journey in Japan, the iPhone screen protector installation program is now available at Apple Stores across the US and other countries. The iPhone screen protector installation program was reported last week after it was rolled out to Apple Stores in Japan.

The iPhone screen protector installation program is a nice concept by Apple which allows users to get the screen protectors from Belkin applied to their iPhone by Apple employees. As it works at Japanese Apple Stores, the customers can buy a Belkin screen protector at any Apple Store across the US and get the protector applied by an Apple Store employee.

The program is made to support the latest models of iPhone in both 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch sizes. Therefore, the US users of iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus can take advantage of the program right now from their nearby Apple Store.

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Apple has started preparations to expend the program last week but it was officially confirmed by Belkin today on their website. The program works with Belkin iPhone screen protector application system which helps applying the protector with high level of perfection.

Air bubble problem is common when screen protectors are applied naively by hand. Apple gives you an official experience where its employees apply the protector on your iPhone with extra care and expertise.

With official experience, Apple guarantees a perfect application of screen protector on your iPhone. Apple also offers the unsatisfied customers to ask its employee to repeat the process until it sets the right way. After purchasing the appropriate Belkin screen protector from the Apple store users can get it applied for free.

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Apple also offer the screen protectors online which you can order and apply yourself at home. However, you will miss the official experience on your iPhone which is being offered by Apple for free at the Apple Stores.

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